Casual Sexual Encounters In Your Twenties: An Approval Matrix

(with a debt of gratitude and inspiration to the fine folks at New York Magazine)


I can’t possibly be the only one who’s overwhelmed by this.

EDIT: Apparently none of you have ever seen New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix before. Also, apparently some of you actually thought New York Magazine published the above image, when it truth it was just me working out all of my bad date stories via Photoshop. I’m sorry. I’m the worst. I’m apparently not great at blending hyper-intellectual pretentiousness with dick jokes.

In case you were confused, here’s my new take on what trying to have casual sex in your twenties looks like:

guide to casual sexPENIS

9 thoughts on “Casual Sexual Encounters In Your Twenties: An Approval Matrix

  1. Overwhelmed and confused. I’m a fan of emoticons and removing sneakers and socks – does this mean I’m unsexy and both acceptable AND unacceptable? Haha!
    Explain yourself, New York Magazine!!

  2. I’m glad I saw the edited version, now I’m less concerned.

    Although that in itself should be cause for concern…

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  4. You made me laugh out loud. Which unfortunately meant the eternally cranky woman from the office next door came over to see what I’m laughing about … she just would not understand.

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