Katherine is a woman in her twenties who lives in Philadelphia. She has a blog about that.

Oh, my GOD. Mommmm. Seriously. Don’t read this.


131 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh.My.God. I love your blog! Yeah yeah it’s because of your “honest and frank look at the world” too but mainly because you don’t want your mom to read your blog. I can relate. Thank you for all the great reads so far!

  2. Katherine, I’m a twenty-something disaster as well who just moved to Philadelphia! I’m also a side-blogger who adores your writing. Would love to connect sometime over coffee and shamelessness?

  3. Your blog is beautiful, and makes me miss Philly. Would you mind if I paraphrased the story about the mother and child in the thrift store in a post to another blog (not mine)?

  4. Hey, great blog! Would you be interested in writing a piece for an up-and-coming Australian blog/magazine? If so, send me your email address and I can send through submission guidelines and we can have a chat. Thank you! πŸ™‚ North.

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  6. Just read your latest essay. If I was your mother, I would be so proud of your clear thinking and fine writing that I’d want to be first in line to read your latest blog. Keep ’em coming!

  7. You crack me up. I’m friends with D’Arcy. My partner and I used to live in South Philadelphia and recently moved to Atlanta. Reading you is such an energizing hilarious experience. Please keep going!
    Your fan,
    Mary Beth Bongiovanni

  8. I am a 63 year old feminist and mother of a 31 year old feminist who fortunately for me turns me on to the feminists of your generation. Thank you for finding the words to bridge the gap that opened between generations last week.

  9. I wandered my way here and I am so glad I did! Love your conversational tone and the things your write about πŸ™‚ Do stop by my blog to read anecdotes from my stupid but crazy life πŸ™‚ Cheers

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