Honest Valentines For You And Yours.

There have been waaay too many words on this blog lately.

And I don’t know about the rest of you, but Philadelphia basically looks like this today.

And today is a special holiday about love, and if you’re reading this, I do love you, and I want you to feel special. So I made these for you. Just like I used to make as a kid, with construction paper and glitter and glue, but these are better because I used photoshop and didn’t spend three hours crying to my mom that homemade Valentines were social suicide and we had to drive the grocery store right away to buy the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kind because I was already uncool enough, MOM, ughhhhh.*

So here you go! From me to you. I hope you have a great day. Send ’em to your loved ones. Or whatever.





big fat x’s and o’s to each of you, k

*To be fair: I did make kickass homemade valentines, and also, my mother wouldn’t buy the ones from the grocery store because I wasn’t really allowed to watch TV and literally had NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEANT.

Actually, I still don’t.

Edit: All my best ideas come from other people, and this one’s no exception. A friend emailed me and said, uh, you’re designing real cards. You could sell those. People might buy them. So, you know, I set it up so you can do that now. I also dug up and added my last batch of passive-aggressive notecards. Just in case you might need them printed in real life. In case anyone reading this uses paper anymore. I also had a huge crisis of self-worth when I learned how royalties work (aka: “other people get most of the money”) and there was a button that said “Try to place a financial value on your work” and I was like SIXTY DOLLARS! and then I realized that was insane. Then I walked away from my laptop for awhile and now I realize that the actual value of my work is “priceless.” (No, it’s not. It’s $3.50.)