My fellow white Americans.

These are images from Charlottesville, Virginia last night.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 10.59.03 AM

These are white people in their twenties and thirties. Like me.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 10.59.22 AM.png

These are people who are in my generation, the millennial generation, the one frequently lambasted for “participation trophies” and “needing safe spaces.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 10.59.36 AM

These are people that look like my coworkers, my colleagues, my brothers, my cousins. People I know and love, who also have white skin and wear polo shirts.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 10.59.59 AM.png

These are people who, like I was, were raised on a diet of Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, which teaches tolerance and understanding of others. They’ve probably seen the Indiana Jones films, where punching Nazis is considered a virtuous act. These are my actual demographic peers in the United States of America, which means that these are people who sat through the unit on the second world war in their history class and looked at images of concentration camps and gas chambers and burning books and Anne Frank’s attic and still thought, well, hang on, maybe those Nazis had some interesting ideas.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 11.09.49 AM.png

These are people who chanted “Jew will not replace us.”

These are people who yelled “The heat here is nothing compared to what you’re going to get in the ovens.”

These are people who didn’t even bother to wear hoods. 

What does it say that in 2017, I’m struck by the fact that the Ku Klux Klan members at least shielded their faces so that no one could identify them? That the same type of societal pressure apparently no longer exists today? That these people feel comfortable espousing the rhetoric of racist, genocidal maniacs in a public space that was widely photographed and broadcast?

My anger is bigger than my ability to write,  but I’m going to try to say this as succinctly as I can.

White nationalism is morally indefensible. This is not a point that is up for discussion.

If you are willing to give these people the benefit of the doubt, you are complicit in the rhetoric of racists and bigots. Playing “devil’s advocate” is unacceptable.

I am not willing to listen to one more interview or read one more article about the “economic anxiety” of the American racist.

If you disagree with the central premise that white nationalism is evil and morally wrong, then I have no words for you. May God have mercy on your soul.

If you can identify that this is evil and wrong, ask yourself why these men (and more than a few women) are angry. Why? What has provoked these people to buy a bunch of Wal-Mart tiki torches and scream Nazi slogans at a Confederate statue?

Imagine for just one second that these protestors were black.

You want to tell me your problems with Colin Kaepernick and why you think Black Lives Matter is a racist slogan? I’m not interested. If you think that Philando Castille or Mike Brown could have just “handled it differently” and they wouldn’t have died? Imagine for one second that a mob of angry black people descended upon a public space with torches, screaming about wanting to kill those who didn’t look like them. Compare the crystal-clear images of these white men with the tear-gassed protestors from Ferguson.

This is a country where racists are empowered.

You failed to read all of those stories over the past five years from women on the internet, like Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian and Lindy West? You thought those “feminists” were just “overreacting,” that there was no such thing as actual harassment from an internet troll, that their desire for online speech to have consequences when it devolved into doxxing and threats was a muzzle on free speech?

You still think that Hillary’s problems had nothing to do with the fact that she was a woman?

Welcome. This is a country where sexists are empowered. They’ve been on the internet terrorizing women for years. This is what they look like when they leave their computer screens behind.

I am no longer interested in anyone’s opinion that the Confederate Flag is merely a symbol of local heritage.

This is your heritage now.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 11.55.11 AM.png

I am no longer interested in your hot take on “economic anxiety.” On “giving President Trump a chance.” On “identity politics are ruining the country.” On “reverse racism.”  On “all those swastikas drawn on buildings after the election were just put there by liberals trying to give conservatives a bad name.” I am no longer here for a peaceful discussion with the “other side,” when the “other side” believes that my inherent worth and humanity, and anyone else who doesn’t look or think similarly, deserves to be frightened, tortured, expelled, or harmed.

Women, people of color, religious and ethnic minorities, disabled people, gay people, trans people, and members of other marginalized groups in this country asked for their civil rights and their humanity to be respected. When you hear that the “left” are the “truly intolerant,” please remember that this is the face of the right today.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 12.23.40 PM.png

This is domestic terrorism. This is what it looks like.

I am no longer interested in anyone trying to tell me that being frightened of angry white men is ‘racist’ when angry white men commit the vast majority of mass shootings in our country. When they commit violent crimes at rates comparable to any other race, and far more often than women.

At the time of publication, many hours after these incidents, the President of the United States had yet to condemn this behavior.*  This is not surprising information to literally anyone who has spent a scintilla of time on the internet — in Reddit’s /theDonald, in Alex Jones’ InfoWars channel, in the comment section of Breitbart, in any number of places where the overlap between nationalist views, white supremacist views, misogynistic views, xenophobic views, homophobic views, and Donald Trump’s political agenda is less of a Venn Diagram and more of a circle. The President of the United States was elected by dog-whistling to these views.

KKK leader David Duke is currently in Charlottesville ebulliently giving interviews claiming that this rally “fulfills the promises of Donald Trump.” For once, I agree with David Duke about something.

This is the natural byproduct of a racist, sexist president. This is the legacy of a racist, sexist country.

My fellow white Americans, do you see it? Do you see it now?

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 11.45.00 AM.png


I am editing this post to add information that I think is important. I struggled to write it earlier, and couldn’t quite find the words. This writer did.  

I think he says it better. I’m including it in its entirety.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 12.46.26 PM

Imagine if these people faced actual oppression.
Nobody is trying to legislate away their right to marry.
Nobody is trying to make them buy insurance to pay for “male health care.”

The law never…
Enslaved their great-grandparents
Robbed their grandparents
Imprisoned their parents
Shot them when unarmed.

There is no massive effort at the state and local level to disenfranchise them of the vote. There is no history of centuries of bad science dedicated to “proving” their intellectual inferiority. There is no travel ban on them because of their religion. There is no danger for them when they carry dangerous weapons publicly.

Their churches were never burned. Their lawns were never decorated with burning crosses. Their ancestors never hung from trees.

Their mothers aren’t being torn away by ICE troopers and sent away forever. They won’t be forced to leave the only country they ever knew. The president has not set up a hotline to report crime committed at their hands.

They are chanting “We will not be replaced.” Replaced… as what?

I’ll tell you.

Replaced as the only voice in public discussions. Replaced as the only bodies in the public arena. Replaced as the only life that matters.

THIS is ‘white people’ oppression: We used to be the only voice. Now we hold the only microphone. THIS is ‘white man’ oppression. We face criticism now. We were free from it, because others feared the consequences.

THIS is ‘oppression’ of white Christians in this country. Christmas used to be the only holiday acknowledged, now it’s not.

I would so love to see these people get all the oppression they insist they receive, just for a year. Just to see.

Give them a world where you ACTUALLY can’t say Christmas. A world where the name “Geoff” on a resume puts it in the trash. Give them a world where they suddenly get a 20% pay cut, and then 70 women every day tell them to smile more.

Give them a world where their polo shirt makes people nervous, so they’re kicked off the flight from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis.

Give them a world where they inherited nothing but a very real understanding of what oppression really fucking is.

Give them a world where if they pulled up on a campus with torches lit and started throwing hands, the cops would punch their eyes out. Put THAT in your Tiki torches and light it, you sorry Nazi bitches.


** Yes, the President has, since I wrote this post, put out a weak-sauce tweet denouncing these events in the most vague of terms. Know how I know that it’s weak and vague? Richard Spencer, the Nazi responsible for this, has trolled it so effectively that we understand that it could apply to literally any side of this argument. Behold:

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 2.33.09 PM

For the back of the house: no, all Trump voters are not white supremacists. YES, all Trump voters were comfortable electing a white supremacist to the highest office in the nation. This tweet is weak because the President doesn’t want to upset the members of his base because the members of his base are either okay with this or they are the very tiki-torch-lit assholes pictured above. These are guys wearing MAGA hats. These ARE the faces of your base. This IS the same rhetoric that Trump has always espoused. It’s Racism Classic™, now with Extra Tiki.

If you need further proof that the President doesn’t actually seem to care very much that this is happening in his name in his country, please enjoy this side-by-side comparison of the President’s stance on white supremacist Nazis versus his strong condemnation of sharks.

** Edited a second time to add: the President of the United States, after one person has been confirmed dead after a car deliberately drove into a group of anti-racist counter-protestors, has just condemned these violent acts “on many sides.”

This is literally the same as saying that he condemns the violent actions of Nazis, as well as the groups protesting the Nazis.

All I’m saying is that if violent acts are happening in your name and endorsed by David Duke and perpetrated by people waving signs with your name on it and wearing hats with your catchphrase on it, after you have asked Jeff Sessions and the department of Justice to stop investigating white supremacist terror groups exactly like this one, and all you can say is “I condemn this on many sides” rather than “stop doing this in my name” or “white supremacy is not tolerated in this country” or without using the phrase “domestic terrorism,” you’ll have to forgive me for drawing the logical conclusion that the President of the United States, in choosing his words carefully so as not to offend a racist, torch-wielding mob, gives more fucks about the feelings of actual Nazis than anyone or anything else. If you’re willing to speak “off the cuff” about North Korean missile strikes or classified intel or fallen soldiers or disabled reporters or Gold Star families but recognize that your words have impact when you’re worried about offending ACTUAL NAZIS, may you and every single person who ever defended you feel a shame that burns hotter than any collection of tiki torches.


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  2. Donald Trump will never condemn the White Supremacists because this is his faithful base, his 35% who will always support him. I am glad this was posted for me to read this morning. Thank you for saying it for me.

    • This is a brilliant statement and expose of the hate that is fermenting right here in America after millions gave their lives to stop the Nazi’s in WWII. Keep writing the truth, Kristance!

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  5. I got nothing. You have said it all and so brilliantly eloquent in the Spirit of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Thank you for your insightful and very pointed argument. If only these words were all that were needed.

  6. Very well said welcome to the Trump,putin world our country ad well as other countries have let this nazi power thing grow to this to long this will not make this country great or any other. a divided country,sports team,businrss,family eill never work thats what we have today under Trump wr need to unite not divife

  7. Wow! The photos of their faces makes it hit home that there are so many people who could be our coworkers and neighbors whom have so much hatred in their hearts. When I hear about terrorism in other countries, I can understand how those people feel they have been deprived and why they feel the resentment…not that it justifies any killing, but when I look at the faces of these fellow countrymen, I cannot understand where all of the hatred comes from unless it has been passed down through generations???? I mean, Trump isn’t building a wall to keep THEM out. It boggles my mind how these young people have so much misery and hatred and yet most of them likely claim to be Christian. This rally was about more than just the removal of a flag or statue. These people have very deep issues.

    Did a google search and found these answers:

    I think I understand a little bit… These are people who perhaps are poor and probably not the most educated. They don’t understand why they are where they are where they are in their lives and their explanation for why they are where they are in their lives is basically that it is “other people” because their mental separation of themselves from the rest of humanity makes them feel accepted by someone even if it is Nazis????? Because when one is broke and suffering from deeply rooted suffering and pain, it is less painful to look outside of oneself for the solution. The only problem is it isn’t the fault of minorities that they are where they are in their lives so their problems are just perpetuated as they draw emotional fear, hatred and ire towards them from the public. It is actually rather sad because they will never escape their impoverished uneducated lives by living the life they do now… And if they go to jail for murder like some of them did last night, they will be less employable.

    I think we need more self acceptance, love for our own heritage, non-judgement, self awareness, emotional coping skills and meditation taught in our schools and everywhere. If people could be aware and tolerant of their own daily suffering and just breathe through it and accept it as we do in meditation… If people could have peaceful coping skills for their negative emotions like art (which has been taken out of most of our schools), music, comedy, dance, theater, sports, and yoga they could stand their pain better without turning to drugs, alcohol or hate groups to numb their pains. If people could be self-accepting, “These are my roots. Yes, my family ‘be pore folk’ and that is okay. I feel no shame. I feel no need to blame people without my roots.”

    Actually, now I remember that I once married to a family who held these racist views. They hated themselves so much! They claimed to be purebred German (white) but they were far from it. They blamed everyone for their misfortunes. Life would have been easier if they didn’t blame others for their heritage. There would have been less violence, less drinking, less drugs. They would have been able to suffer and be resilient enough to grow from it emotionally rather than masking their issues and blaming others because that just begets more violence and more generations of dysfunction.

    If you are in a place of love and self acceptance and have valuable coping skills, please teach others so that there is less misery, hatred, suffering and violence in our world! Please do not perpetuate the hatred by reacting in anger.

  8. What a cackling relief it must be to have someone to blame for the way things are. I mean, this is all Trump’s fault, right? Not us lazy-brained, fat-hearted, white pig liberals who’ve been so happily pretending, since the 1960s, that we live in a post-racial meritocracy where everything is finally fair and square for everybody, right? Am I right? Wh- wh- why are you lighting those torches? What are you doing with that bat? Sorry! I’m so sorry! Didn’t mean to wake you the fuck up. Yes, of course you’re right, it’s all Trump’s fault, and he is not merely the symptom of your ignorant, shameless, racist greed. Jesus. We are so doomed.

    • Thanks for that, Judson. It’s a little exaggerated (no, not everyone has been pretending that everything is “fair and square”), but nevertheless, we could all stand to take a cold, hard look at just how comfortable we have felt for many years in our nice, safe, white-liberal lives.

    • did we read the same article? What I read puts the responsibility smack dab where it belongs….at long last. The poor, white man who has felt so”neglected”…it has been used as an excuse for hate/racism. Trump is a shameful catalyst, a racist in his own right who is loathe to denounce these hateful acts….and as the so-called leader has encouraged such hate. He has brought racists into the white house, and promotes racist ideas. No more blaming liberals for thinking everything was ok before trump….that’s not flying anymore and it’s simply not true
      …nice try though.

  9. I wasn’t going to even rad this thread but I’m glad I did..Nothing will ever be accomplished in America about racism by people of color..It must be met head on by other whites..It’s always about the messenger,not the message..I have all ethnicities in my family..All cultures..People forgot that we are just one race but many cultures..I loved this post..

  10. “This is a country where racists are empowered.” No, it isn’t. If there were no outrage, no reaction against it, no horror at the events then you would be right.

    This is a problem that has been simmering for a long, long time. That it has reached a head (because of DJT’s election to the presidency) simply reveals its existence. In the 80s, Louis Farrakhan spoke at the university where I taught. He was a horrible human being. His contention that black people could not be racists and anything they did to whites was fair was also evil. Outside that rally the Neo-Nazis protested and their little white flyers littered the ground the next morning, complete with swastikas and slogans, “White men built this country.”

    I don’t know how old you are, but if you were raised on Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers, the events of the 50s and 60s are history to you. I was a child, but they were happening; they were not history. The KKK, murders of Blacks, protests, etc. were the nightly news. They were the subject of adult conversations and my conversations as I grew into the events myself. And, for what it’s worth, none of the white people in my world hated anyone, least of all blacks. Everyone I knew was saddened by what was happening, everyone I knew thought it was wrong and everyone feared the worst for the black people they knew.

    My point is strong emotion leads us to oversimplify. Trump should have condemned the White Supremacists, but he has an agenda that makes that unlikely. THAT is what scares me.

    • This IS a country where racists are empowered. They marched without hoods last night. Never once did I claim they are new. This is an old problem and it’s always been here. Literally the point I was making.

      • Agreed, an old problem which gets “buried” for a moment in time, but continues to resurrect itself when the inhuman element is stimulated. Personally, I don’t care if you are white, black, yellow, purple or an albino. I don’t care if you are straight, gay, bi-sexual or any other chosen
        orientation. I don’t care what religion or belief you ascribe to, I don’t care if you are rich, poor or somewhere in between! What I do care about is agreeing to disagree without violence or retribution! We all have a history, which if we keep using the historical rationale for present behaviors, life will never change. People will hate and hurt others because while we are all similar, we are unique individuals. It is man’s inhumanity to man that must be addressed and yes, confronted. A national program of analyzing our behaviors towards our fellow humans might just be a starting point! In the paraphrased words of the well respected neurosurgeon Ben Carson when asked if he was prejudiced…’I don’t know what you are talking about, I am a brain and neurosurgeon. When I am performing surgery on a patient, I don’t know what color they are because in my work, when I make a cut, every patient is the same color…pink!’ What are we all so afraid of that turns the world into a planet of hatred and violence? God, please help America! For me, Divine intervention would add so much more value and hope for all of us. Only when we are educated and willing to agree to disagree, will we be able to clearly see and fully realize that violence will drag us down, regress our growth and leave us to peril.

        • Juliane Martensen…thank you! Your words are the only ones worth reading. I think the world has gone overboard on this race issue. Feeding the fire with more and more criticisms. Everyone has beliefs and everyone has to be right in their beliefs. Some people have been consumed with these beliefs. We have so much to gain by not buying into the he said she said mentality. Ben Carson is so right on in his words.

      • This is also a country where people are free to march in the streets (with their faces uncovered ) shouting ” what do we want? Dead Cops! when do we want them? Now! ” spewing hatred condoning violence is evil regardless of who spews it … but you might want to consider in a free country of 320 million people there will always be small groups of ignorant haters who encourage violence and hatred ..& will always be people who cherry pick & sometimes alter the facts of situations to fit their own particular bias (Hillary lost the election because she was female.. and if you don’t accept that then you’re obviously sexist: and that Worthy of having a different viewpoint-) and there will always be people who point their fingers of vile accusations at anyone who doesn’t agree with ABSOULETELY EVERYTHING they vent … for example you’d best agree with the blanket all knowing condemnation that “yes all Trump voters were comfortable in electing a white supremacist ” you’re an unredeemable deplorable:-) .. & you don’t have to be a deep thinker to take on the question… “are Nazis & white supremacist bad people or not?” … it’s kind of like asking “is evil hatred violence & racism a bad thing? ..have a nice day

    • I lived and grew up in the era of 50’s and 60’s, and seen many of the tragedies mainly blacks, endured as well as other races just because their skin color, was a little more olive than white, my family is like the United Nations, and I personally thought that after the 60’s people were getting along better until 2016 and this president awoke the hatred that was dormant in so many, now in my late 70’s is like I’m reliving that all over again, Trump speaks about keeping America safe from terrorism but we have terrorism right at the door steps of the people’s house.

  11. This is accurate except on the point of enslavement. Look up indentured servants. They were white and treated worse than slaves. When the Irish came during the great famine, they were treated horribly. These are someone’s great grandparents. No, I’m not saying the kkk is right, just stating historical data.

    • Please exit with “the Irish had it worse.” I am directing you towards the door, and the library. This is not historical data. This is deeply incorrect. I’m begging you to read an actual book from any real source.

      • (Also, look up “indentured.” That meant that they were servants, not slaves. When their term was up, they got to leave.)

    • You can’t possibly be serious. Irish indentured servants were not torn awat from their families and sold down the river. Most important, they were not slaves for life. When their indenture was up — usually seven years — they were free to go. And a lot of them became overseers and treated black slaves worse than they had been treated while they were indentured.

    • I’m sorry that is not a true historical fact. That is really nothing more than a myth “WHICH IS POLITICALLY MOTIVATED”. You must be basing your comment on “The Untold History Of The Enslavement of whites In Early America”, a self published book in the US, by Michael A. Hoffman in 1993, who was a conspiracy theorist and Holocaust denier (who blamed the Jews for the African slave trade) here is a little background on you indentured servants, the
      African slave were brought here as slaves and as such their offsprings were also branded as slaves therefore sold to other slaves owners, the Irish were servants and let go once they paid their passage, or pay Britain for crimes they had committed to the crown. From the 17th to the 19th centuries, tens of thousands of British and Irish indentured servants emigrated to British America. The majority of these entered into indentured servitude in the Americas for a set number of years willingly in order to pay their way across the Atlantic, but at least 10,000 were transported as punishment for rebellion or other crimes, then subjected to forced labour for a given period.
      During this same period, the Atlantic slave trade was enslaving millions of Africans and bringing them to the Americas, including the British colonies, where they were put to work. In Ireland, Africa, and in the Caribbean, Irish people benefitted from the African trade, as slave merchants, factors, investors, and owners. According to historian Nini Rodgers, “every group in Ireland produced merchants who benefited from the slave trade and the expanding slave colonies.” Unlike Irish indentured servants, enslaved Africans generally were made slaves for life and slave status was imposed on their children at birth.

    • You’re right, however many people aren’t aware that the poor (children, women) were kidnapped from the streets of many English cities, put on ships and “indentured” for their passage. Passengers in steerage had a 30% chance of arriving alive. Children who were “indentured” in this way were “indentured” until they were 21. If they survived they were freed. There was also — for a while, until it was made illegal — the practice of selectively breeding Irish women to African men as a way to improve “the stock.”

      I do think it’s not comparable with African enslavement, for one reason that people slam the door on the whole reality of this kind of white slavery when the comparison is made so the point is lost. But in doing research for one of my books I happened on an interview of a young Jamaican man who was surprised to learn that in the United States Black slavery and Irish slavery aren’t taught together. He said in his school in Jamaica they were. This is not something that is usually taught in our schools partly because many descendants of white slaves were ashamed.

      In my own family were both slaves and slave owners. History is so vast, so complicated, human motives often so bizarre, it seems like a giant labyrinth of people groping in the dark toward something better. As for the Irish having it “worse” — I don’t know. It’s kind of like saying Dacau wasn’t half the horror of Auschwitz. I don’t think that’s a comparison that can be made.

      There are a lot of horrifying primary-source documents showing the realities of “indentured servants” online now and at least one very disturbing book.

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  13. You had me until you started blaming this on Trump and calling him a white supremacist. i am really tired of hearing this after people like you spent 8 years listening to Obama trash Christians and police and supporters of the 2nd amedment and Fox News, name calling and race baiting every time he could, calling Republicans terrorists and not calling him out. Aside from wanting to protect this country from terrorists, show me examples of how Trump is a racist.
    Is he a sexist ass? Absolutely, no question. But why were you calling out HRC for her support of her sexist, scumbag of a husband? Or her treatment of women her husband abused? Calling out one group and not others, just leads to more anger and resentment.
    if we want sexism and racism to end, then it has to be called out no matter who is saying it. Called out on all sides. Called out on the people in VA and called out on BLM. Called out in Christianity and in Islam. If racism/sexism is not OK, and they’re not, then everyone needs to be called out when they engage in it, regardless of race, creed, political party or sexual orientation.

    • Show me examples of how Trump is a racist: literally the earliest days of his career began with lawsuits because he wouldn’t rent apartments to black people? His comments inciting violence at people of color at rallies? Birtherism? please. Turn on a network other than Fox News and get out of here with this “but Obama hated Christians!” white tears whining bullshit. Enough already. I bet you’re tired of hearing that your guy is a racist. Black people and minorities are tired of ACTUAL RACISM.

      • Guess what? Obama is a racist. Racism is not just white to black. Plenty of POC are racists. BLM is a RACIST organization. Where is Trump inciting violence against people of color? Maybe YOU should watch something besides MSNBC and get your own head out of your ass and get more than the MSM feeds you. I watch and listen to and read a variety of outlets so I can make my own opinions and not just believe what I am told to believe because I am a black woman. Oh, did you miss that? My tears are not white, they are brown and yes, I voted for Trump. But I was raised to think for myself and not based on my skin color. But thanks fior the perfect example of your racism.

        • Racism is about systemic injustice. White people can be prejudiced. We can’t be racist because we are in positions of power. I’m sorry you don’t see what’s clearly in front of your face.

        • Kelly, You nailed it. There’s a lot of one sided complaining on this site and people need to look in the mirror at their bigotry towards whites, Christians and people who basically just disagree. This is the new fascism we need all be concerned about.

        • Oh, whites are in power? Go to the Appalachian Trail, or a trailer park. How is their white privilege working?

    • Trump is a racist by not calling this what it is, TERRORISM. As the president the same way he has called out on Venezuela and threaten them with military forces, (that we have nothing to do with, and they have done nothing to us) he should call out the white supremacist.

  14. This morning, I feel sadness in my heart. Sadness, due to the events in Charlottesville, VA. Sadness, due to the lives lost, people injured. Sadness, due to the altercations there between people who somehow think that they are a superior race of beings and people who refuse to be dominated by such backward ideas.
    These events are not new to this country. Racism continues to fester in people from all walks of life. Yet, at a time when so much focus is being given to terrorism, when it has become so much a part of daily news, here it is from our own American society. Let’s call it what it is. Terrorism.
    These people are not coming in from some other part of the world, from some other “religious” faction. These are US born people who have had their racist terrorist beliefs taught to them by their predecessors.
    This morning, I feel sadness in my heart. Sadness due to the events in Charlottesville, incited by (or, at least, encouraged by) the rhetoric of the man who would be president of the US. And, in the face of these events, that man can’t even call it what it is. Terrorism.
    “So sad”.


    • It is just how I feel, it seems we have more terrorism within our own backyard now than ever before, and I too feel afraid for my great grandchildren who are growing up in this, (until recently) beautiful country of ours.

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  16. And I will also not entertain their notion that Obama’s policies started all this. Quite the opposite- it was your average American racist’s AVERSION to a black president that started this. Obama never did or said ANYTHING that pretty much every black person in this country thinks, feels or experienced. It was your hatred towards them voicing their opinions that emboldened you and inspired you to finally take off your hoods.

    Any person that even attempts to defend the actions and thinking of White Nationalist Nazi movements are every bit as much a piece of shit as those waving Swastika flags and carrying torches.

  17. I agree with so much of what you have to say in this blog, but can not abide those who mis-state or manipulate statistics to support a cause. As a result, I take exception to your statement:

    “I am no longer interested in anyone trying to tell me that being frightened of angry white men is ‘racist’ when angry white men commit the vast majority of violent crimes in our country.”

    Your statement is false and inflammatory!

    “There is general agreement in the literature that blacks are more likely to commit violent crimes than are whites in the United States. Whether this is the case for less serious crimes is less clear.” – Wikipedia – Engel, Robin S. (2014). Bucerius, Sandra, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Ethnicity, Crime, and Immigration. Oxford University Press. p. 147.

    “Some studies have argued for smaller racial disparities in violent crime in recent times. However, a study of government data from 1980–2008 found that the reduction in Black violent crime relative to White violent crime was an artifact of those previous studies, which was due to Hispanic offenders being counted as White in the comparison. The Hispanic population has been increasing rapidly and Hispanics have violence rates higher than that of Whites but lower than that of Blacks.” – Wikipedia – Steffensmeier, D.; Feldmeyer, B.; Harris, C. T.; Ulmer, J. T. (2011). “Reassessing Trends in Black Violent Crime, 1980-2008: Sorting Out the “Hispanic Effect” in Uniform Crime Reports Arrests, National Crime Victimization Survey Offender Estimates, and U.s. Prisoner Counts*”. Criminology. 49: 197–251

    I suggest, your statement is what helps to fuel the the fires of the far right!

    To be clear, I believe there is NO excuse for what happened in Charlottesville. I simply take acception to those who mis-state or manipulate statistics to support their cause, just as I do, time and time again, with regards to Pres. Trump’s absurd assertions.

    • The actual quote from the article is this: “I am no longer interested in anyone trying to tell me that being frightened of angry white men is ‘racist’ when angry white men commit the vast majority of mass shootings in our country. When they commit violent crimes at rates comparable to any other race, and far more often than women.”
      The vast majority of MASS SHOOTINGS. This is correct.

  18. Better check your crime stats…you’re bias is showing. Supremacy of any sort is wrong…that is the answer. So if you validity in your platform, condemn all that is wrong not simply that which aligns with your agenda. Your bias is just as wrong

  19. This said it all. It’s madness. It’s now what our country does. I am going to do something. I am going to speak up. It’s my responsibility. I may start small but am going to take the next step and show love, kindness and tolerance.

  20. You have stated what needs to become a national outcry. Angry white men are responsible for a disproportionate number of violent acts in this country. That white male privilege is a root cause of many of the hate crimes committed is no secret. That white males have served their own agendas far too long is reason why we are still fighting for equality, that white males have moved too slow on policies to protect and serve ALL Americans. I believe that now is the time for revolution, that will be the only way we will see a real progressive difference in this country.

    • As a % basis, it ain’t the white man. The problem is, you have done noting with Affirmative Action. A white male is the only person who can be discriminated against, legally. We are still waiting for everyone to catch up. What else do you need? Is Affirmative Action not enough?

  21. I don’t have the fancy words like some…but y’all go ahead and blame each other, tear one another apart with blame and shame..look at yourself and see what you can do to make a difference…History is repeating itself, and so we should know how the outcome of it all….why in Gods name would any human want to live that he’ll again….nobody is listening…there will always be haters,..your all buying into it…stop fueling the fire…what’s it doing for you and your families?.. Focus on yourself and people will follow by example..ITS THAT SIMPLE..

  22. Yes, you said this so well! I just watched the movie “Detroit” last night. About 8 or 9 times during the film, I almost stood up to walk out if the film, BECAUSE it was so hard to see the re-enactment of the horrific brutal racism in action inside Detroit’s Algiers Hotel that night in 1967. I see many action movies so I am not a sheltered person related to violence on screen, but THIS film brought home to me in shocking truth what Charlottesville, VA is all about. And what this elected leader is all about. Also being a woman in America today white though I am…. I have experienced more random misogyny in the last few months since the Presidential campaign crystallized between Hillary & Trump than I have ever felt in recent decades. I have also been shocked and saddened by the bashing the LGBT community and Jewish people and Hispanics and any other minority racial, &/or ethnic group have suffered. It is about time that we who find this talk & action abhorrent speak out ! Just as the Underground Railroad was formed by courageous abolitionists, Americans need to put their shock & indignance at Charlottesville & our chief executive’s ineffective response into some effective political action.

    • Rebecca, I have tears in my eyes because what you wrote is so true and so sad. Right now I feel powerless and I am trying to find a way through this horrible hatred. Thank you for your response. I will find a way.

  23. Stop the blame game. This has nothing to do with Hilary or Trump. It’s been around for hundreds of years. Shoulda it be condemned yes , but STOP THR BBLAME ! It comes from the same hate!!!

    • Wrong. This is different. How the haters show their faces openly and feel that all of us agree, we just were too afraid to show it. Trump has empowered them. David Duke attested to this. Hate crimes are way up.

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  25. I cannot find any readily available indicators of your gender, but none are needed, as you are so obviously, and unmistakenly female ( or a biological male, emasculated into identifying as a female, and therefore displaying identifying factors. Your bias pervades this whining, winding, damn near unending manifesto.

    First off, for you to automatically predefine every white nationalist as a Nazi supporter is a bullshit manipulation tactic, and it’s fucking stupid. Secondly, you compare and contrast this demonstration with the riots in Ferguson, where they were LOOTING and VANDALIZING, not to mention inundating several business’ with fire. To say that groups like blm, or antifa aren’t racist, prejudiced, or bigoted, but this group is, is fucking absurd. Defying logic, insanity, and absurdity are commonplace in our society, so it’s not surprising.

  26. Total agreement with you! Excellent article but sadly those who need to read it and acknowledge their hatred and evil either are not capable of understanding or refuse to understand why they are the way they are. It will be interesting to learn the identity of the mans parents who killed that poor innocent woman. It would be rare I think to raise a child to be so full of hate and ignorance without training him to be such a person…

  27. Your beginning was great, images, I sympathize, felt that you were going on blanket statements just like the alt-right…but that’s ok…and then, it went on and on and on…I will try to come back and finish reading. At this time, I will tell you that I have been surrounded by a mob of angry black people ~just~ because I wanted them to pay attention in class. This was back when Obama was president. The level of hate that I experienced coming from Black people and muslims, when he was president was an eye opener so, I voted for Trump because of that. I believe that EVERYONE needs to take a moment, stand back and see who is truly pushing all this hate to bring down America.

  28. Bravo! This on point, and written so eloquently, every word resonated with truth, being a Latina woman I felt the anger of these men and women who chanted obsinities, directed at my heritage, coming forward to denounce all that I, Beatriz Flores, daughter of a Korean conflict veteran, sister to a Vietnam war veteran, hold dear dear to me that I do not matter, as a woman, as a Latina, as a person! You stated in such simple terms all that is wrong with this currant administration, and the world at large expecting a new granddaughter, it behaves us to try to move this country right. But how when the leader of our country had no back bone, not enough courage, to stand and condemn these acts of domestic terrorism. Again thank you for your words.

  29. pot calling the kettle black….seems to foget he didnt condemn this behavior on the campaign trail and his conventions…. #notmypresident #hypocrite

  30. Do you forget that Trump is of German heritage, and that Trump father was arrested at a kkk rally, or that Trump discriminated against black renters. It’s not a surprise then if you know heir drumpf’s history, and it’s not unexpected his response to Charlotteville

  31. I only wish this could be “required reading” in every school. Thank you for saying it all, and so well. But I’m still feeling so powerless to do something to stop this madness… what (other than waiting for elections) shall we do?

  32. I have daughters younger than you. I love what you wrote. It is as good a piece of commentary as I’ve read in the New York Times or Washington Post. I hope your mother DOES read this and understands
    what a gem of a daughter she as raised.
    Thank you for your concise and eloquent writing.

  33. Some brave reporter needs to straight up ask the president, in front of all the cameras: “Mr. President, are you a white supremacist?”

    Let’s see how he handles that.

  34. Leftists get together wear black masks, mace (or bicycle lock) ones who oppose them, burn cars, break windows of businesses. No worries its just a peaceful protest! No body bats an eye.

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