Katherine is a woman in her twenties who lives in Philadelphia. She has a blog about that.

Oh, my GOD. Mommmm. Seriously. Don’t read this.

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  1. Look in the lower right corner of your computer screen. A little lcon that says ‘follow’. Type in your email address. Done. πŸ™‚
    (It took me a bit to figure it out too)

  2. So far, I’ve shared the link to your “do whatever the fuck you want” blog with my boyfriend, to my fb wall and messaged a non-social networking ladyfriendpal. I love your stuff and I cannot wait to read more. What a treat!

  3. I have a fantasy that we would be best friends in real life. JUST ALLOW ME THAT, DAMNIT.

    Thanks for these…they provided great amusement during a workday in which I should have been doing a million other things.

  4. Katherine, I am a happily married man, with kids, who lives in Boise. I am not looking for a relationship, but still want you to know that I fell in love with you reading this post.

    I wish I had more friends that would understand the value of what you have shared, but I come from a background that I think most of them would be offended.

    Yet my life’s work has me interacting with Breast Cancer Survivors whose live’s have been turned upside down and inside out. I sent your article to them and they loved it. I hope you find value in that. I do.

    Thank you for being you and for writing about what is real. You have a fan in me.


  5. If you wrote a book, I would totally read it. And would get all my friends to read it too. Please write a book. Now. Anything other than an ’emerging adult novel’, which is clearly not your forte, would be super. πŸ™‚

  6. When I was little and living in Whitehall, PA I very strongly wished I was Irish and named Katherine (people would call me Kate of course) and would have an amazing life living in Philly. So as you ARE this person (except maybe not Irish – i’m just assuming that) AND you basically have my same exact mind, I clearly love-hate you more than anyone ever.

    Yes that is creepy. But it seems like you are a gal that keeps it real, so i shared. haha And as you seem to have the occassianal tough (albeit hilarious) moments, thought you should know there was once a 7 year old who basically wanted to grow up and be, well, YOU.

  7. Did you get your Mom to stop reading? Maybe I should call my blog ‘Ma stop reading this blog’. I once tried to call it ‘Ma if you’re reading this you’re stalking me’ but she was not pleased. Hilarious blog, btw. ❀

  8. I’m just getting out of my disaster-ridden 20’s and moving to my 30’s in a few years. Also a resident of the suburbs near Philly. Love the blog! Hope to see more!

  9. Hi Katherine,
    I’m the Editor & Founder of the site Literally, Darling (www.literallydarling.com) and a friend of mine just sent me your blog. It is hilarious, on point, and such a great voice for 20-somethings, which just happens to be the whole point of Literally, Darling. We’re a group of mostly women (and a few fabulous guys) who try to write honestly write about what does and doesn’t matters to our generation- like ridiculous lists on BAMF ladies of TV to awkward dating advice and “Holy shit my job sucks” and everything in between. We would love to have you guest write for us or if you’d be interested perhaps reposting some of your pieces here to LD, with full link backs of course. If you’re interested, check us out and shoot us an email editors@literallydarling.com.

    – Katie

  10. I reblogged one of your posts today, but can’t figure out how to ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ you, so I feel empty and abandoned. Just curious …do you gotz a Facebook and Twitter account? I won’t try and pretend we’re BFFs or anything. Just wanna not forget to read your stuff.

    • That’s because I’m super bad at the Internet! I joined Twitter yesterday because my socially savvy friends told me to stop being a weirdo about technology. You can now follow me on Twitter or get emails sent to you whenever I write a new post (about once a week, if I’m going to keep up my arbitrary writing goals). Thanks for reading. I hope you feel less abandoned!

  11. I read and loved your Freshly Pressed post a while ago, when it was first FPed. The little widget of Recommended Blogs in my reader suggested that I follow you and I’m glad I rediscovered your blog.

    And I’m trying to work out what it says on that mug in your header photo. I can’t read it even with my glasses on!

  12. Finally stopped “loading” clicked LIKE too! Now the big question… how about someone else’s mom? lol. Truly though I hope you are writing somewhere else? You really are quite good!

    • Hey Miceala! I just joined twitter awhile ago; you can follow in the upper-right hand corner near the header. I’m still figuring it out so I’m just learning that it’s weird to “favorite” everything. I only have a personal facebook and not, like, a page for this blog. (Should I do that? I guess I should do that. Crap. Ok. I’ll let you know when I get around to doing that). Thanks so much for reading and for re-posting!!!

  13. Hi Katherine-

    With your clever title, sense of humor and engaging writing, I couldn’t hit the follow button fast enough! You have a gift for sure!

    Can’t wait to read more of your posts, both past and future ones!


  14. Hey K – Saw your Millennial piece from a friend on Facebook. I graduated the year before you and I feel the same way a lot of the time. I have contacts in Philly that might have some descent opportunities for you- email me and let’s chat.

  15. Hi Kate You interest me cos you are what most people in this world are saying and I’ve met a lot! But there a light on the horison to pursue your dreams and have money.

  16. Hey there. We really loved your dating article and have a blog that we would love for you to write for. It’s called Princesspress.net. You are a Philly girl and we are located in South Jersey and and have multiple websites with blogs including Rissyroos.com and thepromdresses.com.

  17. I just discovered your blog and on the one hand I love you bc this is the best shit I’ve ever read but on the other hand I hate you bc I have no extra time to read and I’m definitely going to read this anyway.

    So, thanks and no thanks. Keep being awesome!

  18. I fell in love today. With this blog. Honest, funny, fresh – please tell me you’re getting attention from some influentials who can get you some great things in life.

  19. I am so fucking worried about my mom reading my blog! I find myself censoring things that I’d really rather not censor, I need to find some sort of a plug-in that can block family members like FB lets me..
    By the by, congrats on ‘being discovered’ (whatever that means).
    Time to move to WordPress.org and monetize this bitch! πŸ˜‰

  20. I’m a freelance writer (but in frequently m*&%-n$”Β£ing mediums). I have a set number of things that give me joy/ the will to go on between paragraphs. These are: 1) dancing around the room in my underwear 2) making playlists of music for me to dance around in my underwear 3) naps 4) reading well-written entertaining blog posts 5) creating a fantasy house in my mind with working plumbing and hidden wiring etc.

    P.S. You frequently crop up in number 4 πŸ™‚

  21. I stumbled upon this like most have in the past few weeks due to your interweb-explosion. You’ve probably gotten this a lot lately, and not to be like a man on the road in Maine, but I fucking love you. I’m a poor-as-shit, 26-year-old music professor, and I am thankful for this blog. More precisely, thankful for you. Call me?

  22. dang it… its annoying and wonderful at the same time that everyone else seems to feel the way I do… basically I think we were separated at birth. I want to freaking be bffs. Anyway, I’m living in Guatemala at the moment so we can’t be bffs yet. But right now, together w/some expat lady friends of mine we are starting a movement here to push back on the catcalls. (the latino men are some of the worst offenders!) And when I read your article. Obviously I sent that puppy out to my ladies and its gone viral in our little corner of the world. Thanks woman! And keep cranking out the truth in your o so funny and brutally honest way. It’s hitting home mama!

  23. Hi, Katherine! Congratulations! You’ve just been nominated for The Shauny Award for Excellence in Blogging! (Yes, there really is such a thing.) Alas, no honor comes without its obligations. See today’s post, December 9, in “The Getting Old Blog” (www.ninamishkin.com) for instructions on what to do next. πŸ™‚

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