A Comprehensive* List of All The Things That Are The Worst
(Created 5.21.13; subject to change)

Being itchy
When strangers call me “darlin'”
Boob sweat
Sticking your hand down the garbage disposal to retrieve a spoon
Missing the bus from a block away when the driver totally sees you and chooses not to stop
When flip-flops make your feet gross
The overwhelming sadness of the world’s insurmountable problems
The nightly news
Radio commercials that sound like real songs but are actually just jingles for washing machines
People who enjoy going running
People who look good while running
Awkward interactions
Skinny jeans on a hot day
Expired produce
Worms after a rainstorm
Wet bathing suit
Toddlers and Tiaras
Middle School
You and Me
Stepping on dog poop

*this list is in no way comprehensive.

8 thoughts on “The WORST

  1. Stepping into a puddle of bubble gum on summer asphalt…JUST BEFORE getting into the car to drive home. The next worst thing: spending the rest of the day trying to remove gum from pedals, carpet, shoes, etc.

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