And so then this happened.

So, I dunno, on a whim I submitted a comment to this cool thing the New York Times has been doing, where they ask for short pieces of writing from people who work in cool creative fields. Have you guys seen their “First Crush” series? You should read them all. It’s pretty awesome.
And so I thought “whatever” until I got an email from an editor at the NYT Culture Desk and proceeded to damn near pee myself. They posted my blurb today and it was pretty much the greatest thing ever. I still can’t walk by the Times building whenever I visit New York without stopping to stare, open-mouthed, dreaming on the sidewalk. I’ll probably be pickpocketed there someday, since that’s a total dead giveaway that I’m not a local.
And then I walked out of my meeting to call my dad and he was like, “So wow! What are you doing to celebrate?” and I said, “uh. Well. I just got to my car and there’s totally a parking ticket on the windshield, so probably dealing with that.” (It’s a misnomer. I haven’t dealt with it yet, but I did get a beer with some friends and ate some fried pickles at a bar ’cause it turns out THAT’S A REAL THING). Also, my dad was equal parts very proud of me and also had a lot of questions because he can’t figure out how to drag his vacation photos onto a flash drive, so I tried to talk him through that, and he’s still really frustrated and the woman at the counter at the Target photo printing kiosk was zero help. Perspective.

Anyways. I guess I’m now a writer or something. And I actually I should come clean and tell you that I had TWO beers so I’m definitely breaking that promise to myself that I would never blog again while even a little mildly under the influence.

Today was really cool and I feel really happy, so, uh. Thanks. Thanks for reading.

xo Katherine

EDIT: I just re-read that and I definitely didn’t use “misnomer” correctly which probably means I have no business being in the Times but whatever. Beer.

EDIT #2: It’s been a few hours and I’m definitely sober and I need to call a moratorium on the following words: “cool,” “pretty cool,” “awesome,” “pretty awesome.” Also, BEER.