i think i just accidentally posted my daily schedule to the entirety of my online subscriber base.



25 thoughts on “balls.

  1. Well. I did think it was a little bizarre.

    But then. Perhaps you were trying to tell us what a “day in the life” is? Which is somewhat interesting. So there’s that.

    Why not just mark it as a success. That’s what I think.

    • goddamnit.

      NOPE, simply ineptitude. I started a secondary, private blog simply for the purpose of tracking my “hours” spent working as a freelancer: I thought it might be a really great, yearlong endeavor to simply write down what i did each day and where I spent my time. (I.e.: what constitutes work? how much time was spent writing?)

      It would be waaaay more effective if I didn’t just email it to 1900 people. On day two.


      • What you showed everyone is how hard you work to make a living and to create your art. It’s poetic in its rhythm and all too familiar. I just got home myself from a day not unlike your own.

  2. You just made me laugh out loud.

    Allie LeFevere

    ***** Pardon my short + sweet message — I’m sending this via le iPhone.

  3. Oh! I’m sure everyone is going to leave these comments but, lady, your life is (a) interesting sounding (b) impressively detailed. The power of the internet compels you: no more shame! Furthermore: no one worth your time is judging you (and I imagine most people who AREN’T worth your time aren’t judging you, either).

  4. Oh! I’m sure everyone is going to leave these comments but your schedule is neither embarrassing nor overly revealing. The power of the internet compels you: stop feeling shame! Furthermore, anyone who’s worth caring about certainly isn’t judging you (and I’d be willing to bet most people who AREN’T worth caring about aren’t judging you, either).

  5. You may have made a mistake but you are not the worst. It is interesting to see a day in the life of you, in the least creepy way.

  6. Hee hee! I thought you were trying to make yourself accountable for something…by checking in with all 1900 of us. So, cheers to you! It was certainly not a slacker day!

  7. It was impressively shaming for what I spend outside of work yesterday, which mostly involved eating Haribo and reading fanfic. Go you!

  8. It could be worse – much worse, says the girl who once sent a personal email to a distribution list of thousands. I enjoyed reading about your day, which was much more creative than mine!

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