Greeting Cards I Would Actually Send






I’m totally kidding. I’m a millennial. I barely know what a postage stamp is. No one uses actual greeting cards anymore.


OKAY EXCEPT MAYBE THIS ONE. This is maybe the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen.



17 thoughts on “Greeting Cards I Would Actually Send

  1. There is a whole song called “I Love You More Than Cheese” that Sandra Boynton published on a record for kids called Rhinoceros Tap. I bet you would dig it.

    Your greeting cards are perfect.

  2. I particularly love the “love/cocaine/huffpo” card. Miiiiiight be printing that out and leaving it on my boyfriend’s desk later…

    Though I will confess, while I too am a millenial, I’m also a Hallmark junkie. There was a time where I sent so many greeting cards, I had memorized the entirety of Hallmark’s “get well,” “friendship,” and “just because” stock. I don’t have a problem. I swear.

    • I have started a personal campaign to bring back the handwritten letter…and card, and whatever. It was so much a part of my younger years and I love Love LOVE stumbling upon a pack of old correspondence, I hope my kids can experience the same thing. Fingers crossed.

  3. These are freaking fantastic. I’d buy them even if I didn’t have anyone to send them to. Occasionally I find old cards I’ve done this with…one says “I like a man who’s a little bit dumb.” I think I finally found a guy with a good enough sense of humor to give it to, woo hoo!

  4. My sister is at a conference in Georgia right now and left an important piece of her sleep apnea mask behind. I overnighted it to her and included a thank you card in which I’d written “To be filled out and returned to the girl who just spent $70 making sure you don’t die in your sleep.”

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  6. Bah! These are great! I only wish there were more. I’m not sure how I ended up here, but I’m glad I found you. I may or may not have been googling “successfully hide blog’s existence from your family.” We’ve got the same problem 🙂


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