Happy Anniversary! Someone Buy Me A Clock!*

So I woke up this morning, made some coffee, looked at the Internet, and found THIS:


Holy crap.

It’s been a year. I have had this blog for one year today.

Time is a funny thing, isn’t it? I am equal parts convinced that I just started this blog yesterday and also I have had this blog forever and always throughout all time.

Forgive the overt sentimentality of this post, but I’m feeling really grateful this morning. Maybe it’s just that I slept really well last night, maybe it’s just that it’s a lovely day outside, maybe it’s just that I secretly AM the kind of person who likes to listen to that Green Day song “Time of Your Life” while looking through old pictures from high school. (Ok, that last one isn’t true. I do draw the line somewhere).

It’s just that a year ago, I wouldn’t have considered myself a writer. Why would I? I hadn’t written anything other than a facebook status in years. I only started this thing because I got accidentally wasted and dyed my hair orange and the story was too good to keep to myself.

On one hand, not a whole lot has changed since that post. I’m still in the same city, in the same house, living with my same incredible roommates. I’m still working as a designer. I’m still bad about going to the gym. I’m still anxious about almost everything. Same old me.

Except that a lot actually has changed. In small and subtle ways. In big and exciting ways. In ways I couldn’t have predicted.

A year ago I would never have anticipated that I would meet someone for the first time who would say, “Oh, yes — I know you!” and jump into a conversation about something I’d written, even though we’d never met before. A year ago I wouldn’t have imagined that I’d be talking with tech bloggers from Australia, college students in California, poets from Idaho … and that I’d feel a connection to them, even though we’ve never met in person.

A year ago, I didn’t think I was funny. I didn’t think I was particularly interesting. If I’m being honest, I still don’t. I’m really not trying to humblebrag to fish for compliments — please, none of that shit today! — I’m telling you this because I still can’t even begin to wrap my brain around the idea that complete strangers actually think that what I have to say is worthwhile. I mean, holy crap. You’ve got to be kidding me. Someone else out there thinks that what I have to say is worth saying, and wants to listen. I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around THAT. That’s the most awesome thing in the history of awesome things. That’s more awesome than this youtube video of a squeaky frog. And I think that squeaky frog is pretty freaking awesome.

A year ago I didn’t think of myself as a writer. Now I do. And a huge part of that has to do with You. (Yeah, You, You Reading This).

So — happy anniversary, Internet. Seriously. Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening. Thanks for writing, and sharing, and contributing to the all-out weirdness of whatever this thing is. I’ve loved sharing my brain with you, and I can’t wait for whatever next year brings.







*Here’s what Wikipedia has to say on the subject of “First Year Anniversary”:


Chicago Public Librarians, I’m not sure who gave you the authority on this one, but we’ve got to do better than that. I don’t want a clock. Who the hell wants a clock as an anniversary present? If I was in a relationship and we made it a year and my fictional boyfriend was like, happy anniversary, babe, I got you something really special and it was a clock, I would smile and be grateful and say thank you but secretly think “I wish we could have just gone out for a nice dinner instead.” We have like three clocks in my house and none of them have batteries because the ticking noise drives me insane. They’re just decorative nonfunctional things to keep on the walls; if you want to know what time it is, you look at your phone like everyone else in America.

If I’m being super honest, I’m not sure if I really want paper OR cotton either. I definitely don’t want a clock made out of paper/cotton. No offense.

I DO kind of want cake. I think that’s a reasonable request. 


36 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary! Someone Buy Me A Clock!*

  1. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you’ve made quite an impression in a year. I’m only a few months behind you, but no stranger has as yet recognized me on the street or elsewhere, and I really don’t expect that will ever happen.

  2. I found your blog yesterday, and I loved reading this post. Congrats on blogging for a year. I am a newbie at only a little over a month, but I am super excited about it so far. The best part is meeting folks from different walks of life around the world. 🙂 Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading.

  3. Happy anniversary! On my first anniversary, my sister-in-law said paper could mean money. So here’s wishing you lots of paper moneys today.

  4. Congratulations on doing anything for a whole year! The essence of writing, like most things in life is to “just show-up.” Keep writing, keep on …

  5. I agree with Zeudytigre, up there! Paper = Book! Go grab a new read, you deserve it! Congrats on the Anniversary – That’s exciting! I love your posts – keep up the good work! 🙂

  6. Happy Year-aversary and congratulations. I’m aways off before my first anniversary. It’s in August. But you have expressed here so much of my feelings about my readers. And how some of them have begun to feel like real friends. The fact that a total stranger would give me the time to read my posts amazes me. So congratulations and post on. I think you have a good title but I may just borrow this line for the title of my anniversary blog if it’s okay: “Please, none of that shit today!” I cracked up over that one. And I’m talking rolling on the floor cracked up.

  7. Happy Blogiversary! Your blog made me smile and gave me hope. Just started blogging and so I’m like you about a year ago(minus the wasted and orange hair). Laughter is always worth writing about. Keep it coming, I’ll try to remind myself to do the same.

  8. Happy one year Katherine! I’m so glad that you started this blog. It’s funny and honest and ridiculously well written and snarky in the best possible way and damn creative. Also, I really hope that those are your official business cards pictured there. Because that’s kind of the best.

    You’re kind of the best 🙂

    ❤ undercaffeinated California college student

  9. Hello there. Have been a silent follower of your blog for quite some time and just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. I had no idea what one was either, but it’s kinda cool and fun. Check my latest post (http://bit.ly/1jtdbV9) for details of what to do next. Hmmm… This sounds like a spam message, but I promise it’s not!

  10. In certain cultures, it’s a faux pas to give a clock as a gift because it symbolizes time ticking away, termination, or death.

    On that happy note, Congratulations!!

  11. This post is not only important because you are celebrating your 1 year on having a blog but its important because you are able to realize how far you have come as a writer, without even realizing it. You have found something you really enjoy and I think thats really important for every person. I am excited to see where I can take my blog once I get done with my computer class requirements for it. Congratulations!!

  12. Unless that clock is a wrist watch that dons the name “Patek Philippe” or “Rolex”, I’m right there with you. So glad I ran across your blog. Super entertaining! Congrats!

  13. CONGRATS. I’m almost at my 1st anniversary and not as nearly as popular with the readers as you… but then again I don’t write often enough. I’d love to hear some suggestions or advice!

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