Inner Monologues of the 2014 Urban Outfitters Catalog Models

















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47 thoughts on “Inner Monologues of the 2014 Urban Outfitters Catalog Models

  1. This is awesome. I especially like the one about dressing as the babysitter. That’s exactly what she was thinking!
    For my part, I am always intrigued / annoyed by the models wearing the super casual clothes with the super high heels. I own sloppy joes, too big jeans. I would look great in them if I could just slip on a pair of those heels. But I can’t, because I would fall off the train station platform. Do these models live in a delicate, perfectly flat world where there is plenty of time to deliberately place each step? Some of them are even walking on the beach in their heels. How do they do it?

    • The secret of their high-heel success: They take the shoes off and put on their kicks right after the photographer stops snapping. 😉

      Honestly, though, Ive had several friends do stints as models and it is just practice, practice, practice. Though most of them really did wear sneakers any time they weren’t on the clock.

  2. I was trying to pick a favorite, and I can’t. Every single one is a masterpiece. Hats off. Because you made me laugh. Also because I have a date tonight.

  3. I should know better than to read your blog posts while drinking coffee. My laptop hates me AND Mr.Chicken.

  4. Fabulous. I needed this this morning.

    Is it wrong, though, that I kinda covet that kimono? It’s so Blanche Deveraux in the best way possible. I would wear it while I flounce around my apartment on Sunday mornings.

  5. Hilarious!! I often wonder about fashion when I flip through catalogs and now I will wonder no longer. Thanks for this post! Brilliant!

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