“And Other Tales from a Twentysomething Disaster.”

For those of you who are used to carving out long chunks of time to read my posts: hey! This one is quick!!

I just wanted to point something out. I changed a setting today. My header used to look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 1.31.51 PM

It doesn’t look like that anymore. I deleted the tagline.

I’ve been thinking about that tagline for awhile now, for a few reasons. In part, because I will turn thirty in September, and clinging to the label of “twentysomething” feels wrong. And factually inaccurate.

But really, it’s just that when I started this blog, “a twentysomething disaster” was a funny phrase, and I embraced it. I was a bit of mess back then. I wasn’t really happy. I was overworked, and I was tired all of the time, and yeah, okay, even if I was putting up appearances, I can tell you that I felt like a disaster most of the time.

And I am still not perfect. I can still be a bit of a mess. I am sometimes still overworked and tired.

But I am not a disaster. I’m a human being who is figuring her shit out, and who doesn’t need to put herself down for that. I’m smart and I’m capable and I really like my life as it currently exists and I’m almost thirty years old, damnit. And I am no longer writing pieces about how dating is tricky (although it is!) or about taking toilet paper from public restrooms because you can’t afford to buy it (I can buy things now!) It’s not all fart jokes up in here all the time (although those are still great. “Phhhhhbbbbbbttthhhpppfhh,” for the record, is my current favorite spelling depicting a fart noise; I think the “b” and the “thp” add a textural dimension that help create a full aural landscape).

I don’t write those kinds of things as often these days. I find myself more often writing about feminism, about racism, about mental illness, about religion, about the realities of navigating the world as I see it. I’m trying to use this as a platform for change. I’m trying to create conversation, generate meaningful connection, and spark dialogue that engages and excites. That’s a really exciting evolution, and I’m proud of the words I have put out into the world.

I don’t think I’m a disaster anymore. I just think I’m myself. And I feel pretty great about that.

Thanks for reading. Yes, you, reading this. Thank you. It means a lot to me.

xox Katherine