(On second thought, maybe this actually just says something deeply troubling about my blog content).



Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 5.59.18 PM

12 thoughts on “NOPE.

  1. Well. I’ve gotten the search “put momma’s panties in mouth”.

    So. Lets just start a group for search engine trauma.

  2. I think you should be proud. I’m extremely proud of my “best women farters of all time” search term — although come to think of it they might be making a Criminal Minds episode about the guy behind your search term very soon.

  3. I’m kinda curious now about where exactly it is that you go to pay women to fart on your face. I mean, if he was searching for it there must be a demand. And where there’s a demand…

    And “Don’t shit next to me…”

    I’m hoping that refers to the stall next to someone in a bathroom. Any other setting would be unbearably awkward. “So, I was at the library, looking at all that sweet microfiche, when this guy walked up next to me and started shitting. I’m telling you, Fred, it was the damndest thing. He just pulled his pants down and starting shitting, never mind that I was trying to look up an article about sexy pictures of women’s ankles from the late 1800s. He went about grunting his way through a solid BM. ‘Sir,’ I said, ‘Excuse me sir, but could you please not shit next to me?’ But he didn’t stop. He kept shitting in the general vicinity of me, and no amount of clearing my throat could get him to stop. I tell you, Fred, I really wish people wouldn’t shit next to me. It’s terribly off-putting…I couldn’t enjoy those sexy ankle pictures in the least.”

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