These Are Probably Not The Answers To The Problems At Hand

working through lunch
working through dinner
misplaced road rage
sending a needy text message
crying in a public place
biting my nails
eating an entire log of mozzarella cheese
buying myself something new
ignoring all the voicemails
ignoring all the emails
ignoring everyone
having a one-sided conversation in my head
inventing my own passive-agressive lyrics while listening to kanye west
making too many lists
reenacting the “dancing on my own” scene from girls except, you know, actually on my own
wistfully browsing the ikea catalog
buying multiple bags of zesty ranch flavored veggie straws
motivational posters
de-motivational posters
inspirational quotes
adding stuff to my target shopping cart even though I only came in for like two things
drinking about it
a bold lip color

They’re probably not the answer.

….. Probably.