We Can Add “Typing This Blog Post” to the List, Right?



Working from home today. KILLIN IT.


(Add to checklist for “future tasks”: research affordable co-working spaces.)

19 thoughts on “We Can Add “Typing This Blog Post” to the List, Right?

  1. 1. Been reading your blog for awhile (don’t change a thing!), but I’m a first time commenter.
    2. I love your handwriting.
    3. Totally killin it.

  2. looks like you got all the major ones completed. can’t leave the laundry in the washer… it’ll start to smell. however, it can sit in the dryer indefinitely and still be nice and clean when you get around to collecting it!

  3. I too have developed a crush on your handwriting…or to be more precise, your block-lettering. 😊

    I sometimes wonder how my Mother found so much free time to be mean to me after washing, folding, and putting away all the laundry. That shit takes weeks, sometimes months! 😝

  4. From “take dirty clothes to laundry room” to “bring clean clothes back to dorm room,” I once took three days to complete the series. In shared college housing. Fun times.

    And we’re not even talking how long after that it took after that to get to “put clean clothes piled on floor into drawers.” Laundry is not hard. It just… has an impressively repulsive energy barrier…

  5. I respect the checklist. I LOVE the checklist. I am checklist obsessed. So I can ask with the confidence of one who neurotically makes prioritized checklists….

    WHY is buying wine so far down the list? It’s clearly way more important than changing out of ripped crotch PJs. Ripped crotch PJs ensure that no one questions your first-thing-in-the-morning wine purchase.*

    They just judge silently. And who cares about that?

    *Not that I’m speaking from experience here or anything.

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