Feminism Is For Everybody. That Includes Men.

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This is, I suppose, a follow-up to last year’s “I Am a Feminist.” 

In case you were curious, I still have an overwhelming love of using crudely drawn Photoshop illustrations to convince you that feminism isn’t a dirty word.



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32 thoughts on “Feminism Is For Everybody. That Includes Men.

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  2. Interesting perspective. My first thought when I saw the coasters was going to be that it was sexist TOWARDS MEN – that they needed to be ‘trained’ by us in order to be acceptable….didn’t see it as insulting to women but insulting to men.

    • I think that’s the point–it IS insulting to men, and we shouldn’t be insulting men just because some of them insult women. Feminism means not insulting anyone, men included.

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  4. When I was a child, I told everyone (and everyone told me) I don’t know anything about women. When I met my wife, I was at a point where I was pretty sure I had women down. A few years later, I’ve been getting into feminist writings such as yours, reading Lena Dunham essays and listening to Emily V Gordan podcasts and I’ve come full circle to I don’t know anything about what it’s like to be a woman. I appreciate the conversation, and I think it’s a conversation worth having. And I wish I had a good feminist friend to hash all this out.

  5. i think its wonderful that your addressing this problem. i am an 8th grade shakespear enthusiast with dyslexia and ADHD so I’ve had my fair share of discrimination, the worst part is when you start to believe it yourself. so i really love what your doing!

  6. YOU GO GIRL!! Thank you for this much needed post, I can’t believe it’s 2015 and we still have people not only making stuff like those coasters you saw, but believing that women and men aren’t equal in their own ways. It really does start with these small things, and I hate it when I see stereotypical stuff printed on t-shirts and mugs and stuff that further promotes this ignorance.

  7. I like your blog a lot, and I really want to read it! but I’m having a lot of trouble reading the all-caps type (the stuff where the people are talking). Any chance of choosing a darker/thicker typeface, to improve readability?

  8. Thank you!
    I’ve never felt that promoting equality of the sexes (or races or whatever) necessitated playing king of the mountain, but rather involved tearing the mountain down. The idea is to promote understanding. I’ve always failed to see how that can happen when we engage in this type of rude behavior.

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  10. Well said. When I used to teach high school students, I had a 10th grade boy show up in the “make me a sandwich” shirt you featured, and I was appalled. First that an adult let him out of the house in that–possibly even purchased it for him–and also that those damaging attitudes are being engrained from such an early age.

    Keep fighting the good fight. For some fun of a literary kind, check out aliteralinterpretation.wordpress.com. You might like it.

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  13. Feminism was necessary back when sexism was a serious issue, but its not any more. Women have the same rights as men now. Feminism in America is retarded. Now, in places in the middle east where a woman will get shot for showing too much skin, that is when feminism is necessary.

  14. great point. we need to stop treating the opposite sex as the enemy and focus on idiot coaster makers and tee shirt slogan writers.

  15. It is especially a challenge in Africa,when your male friends read your post and all they pick is ”Anna you are becoming more and more of a feminist,watch out! it aint a good a thing”Then i try to explain my point. They reply, “You are making me begin to resent this thing of girl-child education and women empowerment”. Men are not just only oblivious of the 21st century woman’s woes but also threatened by this woman. Your post couldn’t be better put.I am reblogging this asap.

  16. I love this – it’s something I am also passionate about! We have to stop excluding men from the fight for gender equality – the true purpose of feminism – and enacting our empowerment with aggression rather than tactful socio-cultural intellect. It’s up to all of us to stop reinforcing gender stereotypes. I relate very much to the labour of love in debating equal rights / equal treatment with people and love your images!

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  18. “So if we know that ‘funny’ phrases or ‘jokes’ that degrade women make us feel terrible, and contribute to a culture that says it’s okay to treat women poorly….

    …why are we OK with it when men are treated in the same way?”

    this was my favourite excerpt from your post bc far too often people mistaken feminism for an aggressive approach in trying to achieve matriarchy. & that’s something i’m always having to argue for.
    true feminists want to be EQUAL w/ man & want fair treatment for ALL. including men.

    don’t you think?

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