The Single Girl’s Guide To Christmas: A Gift From Me To You.

Hey, friends.

This started as a blog post. It was sorta funny.

Then I realized it was funnier if I illustrated it.

So here you go. It’s a PDF. You can click on it, and stuff I made should show up! Assuming I did everything correctly. Frankly, the technical elements of this whole thing frighten me, but here’s hoping that my holiday gift to you, my readers, isn’t just a series of disappointing technical errors.

So try it! Click here!

It should open this thing I made for you, with words and pictures, for free!*

It’s almost like reading a book.

Which is basically what I made, come to think of it. Except without the paper and stuff.

Happy holidays, to all of you beautiful weirdos reading this.




* I mean, I know I have that “Donate If You Like This Website” button that you can click. But this isn’t about that. It’s the holidays. If you’re reading this, you’re probably pretty broke, and I don’t want you to feel guilty. This is just a gift. Seriously. Enjoy.



29 thoughts on “The Single Girl’s Guide To Christmas: A Gift From Me To You.

  1. That was awesome. Thank you. I’ve been working overseas for years, and my kids are meeting me tonight in Tokyo. Christmas, for me, is coming early.

    Thanks again; your blog is just excellent.

    Regards (and merry Christmas),


  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Katherine. I almost bought that Darth Vader ornament at Target last night-then considered Yoda, then considered the $9.00 price tag and my stash of ornaments. Did not buy Yoda.
    On presents- the people who love you don’t care about presents. They care that you came home, and made the trip safely.Write to them or about them (kindly) and share. Make a donation to a charity that feeds the needy at Christmas in their honor. Shut the Iphone down and really pitch in to help your hosting parents, giving them full attention and full forgiveness for whatever bugs you about your childhood even though you are an adult. As a teen and then college student, and even as a newly minted working adult, I stressed over what to buy. As a parent, I get it now. I just want my daughter to pitch in with out being asked, and save her money for her future. And not leave boots, coat, keys et al in the kitchen.

  3. Xmas has never meant much to me but I’ve learned to enjoy what it means to others and you hit the nail on the head Miss K. This ‘card’ has about as much entertainment and effort in it as one could possibly want for Xmas and I’m going to read it a few times because I’m sure I missed some stuff.

    I hope your lead up to Xmas is less stressful than it could be and that you get to experience more of those ‘moments’ than you anticipate.
    Thanks for the card, yours is in the mail. 😁
    B, xo

  4. Uhhh hi. This was beyond perfect. YOU HAVE A GIFT! Basically I’m printing this out and handing it to all my friends and family in lieu of Christmas cards this year sooo… Thanks! 🙂

  5. I want to…ney, need to go do other things. Yet…I cannot tear myself away. You are now my official favorite 20-something, apart from my kids. Please continue to rock this attitude, heart, soul and spirit well into your 60-somethings and beyond. Thank you for letting us geriatric folk (45) sit in once in a while!

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